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Chocolate refiner is the most compact small batch cocoa refining machine for professionals. Cocoa refiners are built to be easy to use, hassle-free, reliable, and durable, so that users at all skill levels will be able to achieve desired results. The Premier Refiner has the ability to refine cocoa particles down to less than 20 microns to achieve optimal taste, with a perfectly smooth, flowing texture that can be molded into bars or incorporated into other recipes.

About the machine

The Tilting model allows for easier pour when your product has finished refining. A simple press of a button, and you can simply tilt, and pour your creation into the mold, bowl, sheet, or other storage means without the need to remove the drum from the base.

Countertop Chocolate Refiner Features:

  • Make chocolate using the most advanced chocolate refining machine.
  • Engineered for ease-of-use and durability
  • Refines particles to less than 20 microns
  • Sophisticated and elegant design
  • Create smooth and creamy nut butter as well

Built with quality materials for trouble free and long lasting performance

  • Durable and robust gears to meet the demands of chocolate making
  • Fully sealed and sturdy bearings – no sticking or seizing
  • Kevlar belts – no rubber dust and no slippage
  • Safety cut off switch to prevent overheating
  • Fast, quiet and energy efficient

Specification Table

Power 110v AC , 60 Hz.Or 208-230V AC,50 Hz 1 Phase ,200 Watts
Material of outler body High Quality ABS
Material of Drum Stainless Steel
Rollers High Quality Stones
Flexible Wire Cord Pvc approx. 2.mtres.or 6.5 long
Gross Wt. 13.5 Kg.
Approx. grinding Capacity  1 lib to 10 ilbs or 0.5 kg to 4.5 kg of Chocolate

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