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Portable Bag Closer Model : NEWLONG NP-3II

Portable Bag Closer is simple to use:

All the Operations are done by single finger work.

Just hold the machine in one hand and the bag in the other.

With a light touch of the switch, the closer stars working quite smoothly.

Operator is only to guide it.

Thread cutting is done by the automatic cutter.

About the machine

-Double thread chain stitch -tight closure

-Robust construction-long life

-Automatic thread cutting

-Minimum maintenance

-For Kraft paper, cotton, hessian, jute, PP/PE woven cloth and other bag materials

-Shoulder belt and thread cone cover available at extra cost

Double Thread Chain Stitch

-Ideal for closing bags for agricultural product, animal feeds, fertilizer, chemicals, flour, etc,.

-Robust construction and safety design

-Trouble-free continuous operation

-12VDC motor available for operating on batteries

Specification Table

Speed (r.p.m.) 1,350±150
Stitch Length 8.5 mm.
Needle DNx1#25
Weight 6.4 Kg.
Drive Motor 60W 50/60Hz, 1 ph 220V / 240V

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Portable Bag Closer Newlong NP-3II

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