We are not just a company that sells agricultural machines. We provide a full-scale machinery services; from basic conveyor belts, bag sewing machines, vacuum packing machines, rice milling and coffee processing machines, to sophisticated laboratory testing equipment. We do not own any single agricultural processing plant. However, we see ourselves as a quality improvement team member striving towards best practice for each individual factory. “Once a member in our customers’ team, and always will.” We have become our customers’ consultants, problem solvers, business partners, and best friends. We can proudly state that our company’s hard work becomes key success factor behind all our Rice-Coffee-Corn Mills customers who were kind enough to open up their hearts and let us take part in improving their production lines. We investigate root problems to overcome hurdles which prevent improvements in the production processes. We always get our hands dirty into understanding the ongoing production process for each and every factory we visit. Then, we come up with the best solution in applying the most advance high-tech equipment sand machines to reduce production time while producing highest yields. Our Strength
  • High Quality Machines: We guarantee the highest quality machine at an affordable price.
  • Profound knowledge: Investigating skills to understand what our customer really needs.
  • Teamwork : We have experienced personnel who would come together as a team to work on each project working on customer’s behalf.
  • After service: We never leave customer alone in their factory. We always keep in touch and provide after services on a regular basis.