BELTER vacuum packing machine is one of the most durable and advanced vacuum packing machine that anyone could own. It reduces time and cost of labor while providing highest yield in production.

BELTER-10 is the most compact and standardized table-type vacuum packing machine.  The machine is installed with one 10-inch sealing bar. The vacuum chamber is large enough to fit a 2-kilogram rice bag.

About the machine

Table Type Vacuum Packaging Machine is using microcomputer Control System,Which With reasonable

structure,stably Performance,Widely Application,and convenience maintenance. The lidis made of high-quality acrylic material Which is solid and transparent for observing the packing situation Within the Vacuum Chamber at anytime. Machine With High Automatic Degree,Which the Vacuuming,Sealing and Cooling Will be Automatic operationafter Close The lid

Specification Table

Model Vacuum Sealer BELTER 10
Sealer Volume  1 Sides
Sealer Dimensions  10”
Bag Weight  Rice Bag  1 – 2 Kg Square Seals and Flat Seals Can pack 1 time Sealing
Chamber Dimensions  385 x 280 x 50 mm.
Electrical Requirement  220V / 50 Hz
Pump Power Consumption  0.37 Kw
Sealer Power Consumption  0.4  Kw
Pressure  1.33 Kpa
Vacuum Pump  10m/ Hr
Machine Dimensions  480 x 330 x 360 mm.
Machine Body Material  Stainless
Net Weight  35  kg.

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