Coffee Sample Divider By VNT Vina Nhatrang

About the machine

This divider is used to reduce the size of green coffee samples into two halves, each exactly representative of the original sample. It has 32 openings or pockets. The grain falling down the sides of the cone is cut into the 32 separate streams, rejoining in to two streams that empty into the pans. This coffee divider is calibrated to provide accuracy of 1% b/w pans on a 4000g sample. The body and inner parts are made of either galvanized or stainless steel. The legs and supports are made of powder-coated steel.

Another great coffee sampler for the professi

Specification Table

– Hopper capacity: 4000g

– Calibrated to provide accuracy of 5% tolerance

– Body: Dual layer galvanized steel OR stainless steel RAL7011

– 2 sample pans

– 32 openings or pockets

– No electricity required

– Easy to operate

– onal lab.

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Coffee Sample Divider

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