Porlable Bag Closer New long NP-7A

About the machine

Porlable Bag Closer New long NP-7A

High-Speed New Type with Plastic Handle and Lubricator

-High Speed Revolution 1,700-1,900 r.p.m

-Safety plastic handle for insulation.

-Oil pump lubrication Syatem. Oil lines direct iubricant to main moving elements.

-Improved Looper and simple Mechanism

-Steel cam[no plastic cams]

-Automatic thread cutting

-Minimum maintenance

-For Kraft paper, cotton, hessian, jute, PP /PE  woven cloth and other bag materials.

-Presser foot lifter, shoulder belt, and thread cone cover available at extra cost.

Specification Table

Revolution 1,700+200
Slictch Length 8.5 mm.
Needle DNx1#25
Weight 6 Kg.
Drive Motor 90W 50/60Hz, 1 ph 220V / 240V


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Porlable Bag Closer New long NP-7A

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